Screenshot 20110622164749

A Picture of Godcraft.

God craft is under heavy=== construction. This is a collabaration between VampyricKnight, Skooker99, Yankee87, and SuperNinten64. There are many thing we want to add to the Godcraft MMORPG like: More Monsters, Realms, More Quests, more buildings.

The owners of the maps go as following:

Nexus: SuperNinten64 {Home}

Oryx: VampyricKnight, SuperNinten64 {3rd}

Derp: Skooker99 {2nd}

Sesshomaru: Ultradrag0n {Side}

If you have any questions please ask one of the following on the Minecraft Classic Server: Brave New World:

Ask: SuperNinten64, VampyricKnight, or Skooker99.

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